February 27, 2021

Grain Operations Intern: Jake Baur

20160613_maxyield_053What are some responsibilities you have at MaxYield?

I am the 2016 Grain Operations Intern for MaxYield. This summer I have had the opportunity to be responsible for a wide variety of operations tasks not only in the grain department, but also in agronomy operations. I have helped manage conditions in the bins, transfer grain between bins, load and unload trucks and grain carts, load the tending trucks and sprayers and I even had the opportunity to oversee all the chemical shed operations.

Who is your mentor and how have they helped you at MaxYield?

My mentor is Ron Sikora and working with him has been a great learning experience for me. Ron trusts me and lets me try a wide variety of jobs at the Dickens location. He gives me responsibilities and allows me to work on my own, but if I ever need help or have a question, he is more than happy to help. Ron is good at what he does and I have enjoyed learning from him this summer.

What has been your favorite part of your internship so far?

I enjoy the team atmosphere at MaxYield. All the team-members are great to work with and they genuinely care about each other and the cooperative. Also, because I have worked in both grain and agronomy operations this summer, I have had the opportunity to meet a wide range of clients. It has been fun to work with them and learn about their farming practices. Another thing I enjoyed was loading a train for MaxYield. That was a new experience for me and I am glad I had the chance to help.

What are your career goals after graduation?

After I graduate from Iowa State University with a degree in Ag Systems Technology I hope to start my own farming enterprise. The operation and networking skills I gained at MaxYield will help me be successful as I operate my own farm.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to intern with MaxYield?

I would suggest that a grain operations intern at MaxYield be someone who is willing to take advantage of every opportunity that they are given. There is always something that needs to be done at your location, and you can learn a great deal just by being willing to help out and try new things.

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