November 24, 2020

COLLETE HAAG – Grain Accounting Intern

Collete HaagCollete Haag became acquainted with MaxYield during her senior year of high school, when the cooperative helped support North Union High School’s Pink Out basketball game, which raised money for breast cancer research.

“I was very impressed with MaxYield, which cares about local schools and local communities,” said Haag, 19, an accounting major from the Buffalo Center/Ledyard area, who is starting
her sophomore year at ISU. “That’s why I was interested in a summer internship here.”

Q: What inspired you to study accounting with an ag emphasis in college?
A: My dad, Tom, farms by Ledyard, and my mom, Patti, works at Bank Plus in Ledyard as a loan secretary. I’ve always liked math and enjoy making numbers balance. I became interested in accounting through my older sister, Courtney, who is a certified public accountant (CPA) with
Deloitte in Des Moines.

Q: What have you enjoyed about your MaxYield accounting internship?
A: While I didn’t know a lot about grain accounting when I started, I’ve learned a lot about it and agriculture in general. I settle the price-later contracts from the grain MaxYield’s clients deliver and also settle the contracts for the grain MaxYield delivers to end users. I balance and record the hedges we put in every day from FC Stone. In addition, I work with Cory Thilges, MaxYield’s controller, on a variety of accounting projects. I’ve even gotten to hedge some of the grain, which was a little scary. Fortunately, everyone on the MaxYield team is very friendly and is willing to help me and answer my questions. They also encourage you to try new things, and there are lots of areas where you can learn at MaxYield. One day I ran the scale at the West Bend elevator, where I got to weigh the trucks, run the probe, and meet the clients. I’ve also helped Susan Post, MaxYield’s chief financial officer, count inventory for the east area for the company’s year-end audit.

Q: How have you benefited by having Rick Abrahamson as your mentor at MaxYield?
A: Having a mentor is a really good thing. Rick is a really nice guy, and it’s easy to ask him questions. While he shows me what to do, he also lets me figure out things on my own, which helps me learn problem-solving skills.

Q: What are your career goals after graduation?
A: I really like grain accounting and I’m interested in returning to northern Iowa after graduating.
I would like to work for a private company and in the agriculture industry, too.

Interesting facts about Collete

• Collete serves as treasurer of Alpha Kappa Psi, a business fraternity at ISU, and also plays intramural sports on campus.

• In high school, Collete was an outstanding student-athlete at North Union High School. She played shortstop on the softball team, which earned runner-up state championship honors one year.

• In her free time, Collete likes to go boating at Okoboji and visit her sister in Des Moines.

A Minute With MaxYield Mentor Rick Abrahamson, corporate grain accounting

Q: What have you enjoyed about working with Collete?
A: Collete has been a real asset to the grain department with her accounting background. She learns quickly, and her positive attitude makes her a joy to work with.

Q: What traits/skills does Collete possess that fit well with MaxYield’s culture?
A: She’s more than willing to jump in and help, plus she’s organized and precise, which is important with this kind of work.

Q: How does MaxYield’s internship program benefit both students and MaxYield?
A: It’s fun to work with interns like Collete. I appreciate their enthusiasm and enjoy mentoring them and helping them see all the career possibilities that exist in accounting and agriculture.



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