March 2, 2021

Happy Birthday Loren!


This photo and caption was submitted by MaxYield’s Tom Winkel. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story of a man who helped preserve our freedom and contributed significantly to Iowa agriculture.

I was fortunate enough to stop and say Happy Birthday to Loren Greiner at noon yesterday to celebrate 108 years (yes 108!!)

Loren was the guy that took soil cores from this part of the Country 60 years ago and his book is what I learned from.

Loren received a call from Tom Vilsack (U.S. Sec of Ag) just before I arrived telling him he was the oldest WWII vet in Iowa and the 3rd oldest in the U.S.

It’s guys like this that paved the way for the rest of us, and yes we can learn from those before us.


Happy birthday Loren!



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