December 4, 2020

How Sweet It Is: Make Yourself a Milk Shake and More

West Bend Cenex Freal Craving a rich milk shake, sweet smoothie, or frozen cappuccino? Check out the new self-serve machine at MaxYield Cooperative’s Cenex convenience store in West Bend.

The new f’real® blender allows you to blend great-tasting milk shakes, smoothies, and frozen cappuccinos quickly and easily with just the touch of a button. After selecting the product and flavor you want from the blending bar, use the LED touch screen to tell the machine whether you’d like your product to be creamy, extra-creamy, or regular. Then put the cup in the slot at the base of the blender, and the machine will do all the work.

From cookies ’n’ cream to mint chip, you’ll find your favorite flavors at a competitive price. The new self-cleaning blender has replaced the soft-serve ice cream machine, which required extensive cleaning each week.

“We’re excited to offer this unique option,” said Chad Besch, who oversees MaxYield’s convenience stores. “Stop by and see what’s new.”


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