March 1, 2021

Intern Tour of AGCO Production Facility in Jackson, MN

Photo, from left: Jake Mullenix, PJ Fredrick, Kelsi Pringnitz, Derek Haupert, Ben Matson

By Kelsi Pringnitz, Client Relations/Communications intern

Recently, I had the opportunity to tour AGCO in Jackson, MN and see the production line for CAT Challenger® tractors, Massy Ferguson® tractors and AGCO® TerraGators and RoGators. All MaxYield interns attended this trip which allowed for more “family bonding”. Thus far, this year’s interns have bonded quite well and get along like siblings would.

AGCO opened its new Intivity Center on Saturday June 9th to the public. Walking through the doors, not even a week old, the building had the “new” smell to it, with flowers from their vendors offering congratulations framing the entrance. The staff was welcoming and the new building consists of a few different pieces of equipment inside.

AGCO brought the line of Massy Ferguson tractors back to the U.S. from Europe, and this new facility reflects that change. The first tractor to come off the Massy Ferguson line in the U.S. for about 30 years is signed by all employees and is on display as well.

I highly recommend this tour to all and I thank MaxYield for enabling me the chance to go.

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