November 28, 2020

Jason Hinkeldey: Soil Sample & Crop Scout Intern


Jason Hinkeldey’s roots in agriculture run deep. He will be a sophomore at South Dakota State University in Brookings, SD, pursuing a degree in agricultural business with minors in agronomy and precision ag. When asked why he decided to pursue a degree in agriculture, he said that he really never saw any other path for himself. The Alta, IA, native has a goal of returning to his family’s farm to become a 5th generation farmer.

Describe some experiences you’ve had at MaxYield this summer.

Most of the time I’m out grid sampling and using technology to help farmers understand what nutrients are present in their soil and how to prepare for years to come. I enjoy working with growers directly because I get to compare what I’m seeing in their fields to what they’re seeing.

Who are your mentors and what role have they played in your internship?

My mentors are Amanda Pederson, who is an agronomy specialist and Chris Warren, a SciMax Solutions specialist. Amanda has taught me a lot about weed identification and modes of action in herbicides. With Chris, I have learned about variable rate technology.

How has your internship at MaxYield prepared you to be a good candidate for future internships?

I think my soil sampling and crop scouting internship has prepared me for future internships because MaxYield holds such a high standard. MaxYield allows me to gain-real world knowledge, which I think will be valuable when searching for my next internship.

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