March 2, 2021

Kelsi’s meaningful summer experience at MaxYield

By: Kelsi Pringnitz

This summer has really flown by. I remember my first day at MaxYield, coming to the corporate office and being so intimidated by all of the upper management. My outlook on all of them has changed since then, and I get along with all of them so well. They have answered any and all questions I might have had and really just took me under their wing. I am so appreciative toward them for that, because I truly have learned so much from all of them.

Chad, my mentor, has trusted me to do projects on my own this summer, and I even “ran the show” while he was out on vacation for a week. He asked my opinion on things dealing with the new website launch, signage and many other things. This summer I felt like a team member rather than a lowly intern.

Because Chad is the only person in charge of communications for MaxYield, he really does deal with everything that has to do with communications. In working with him, I learned how to update websites and write news releases, helped plan the next magazine, as well as coordinate the tractor calendar and line up interviews for it. I also scheduled photo shoots and times our journalist could interview subjects for the magazine. I even taught myself how to use a new video editing program to make each intern’s video, after using the new software for an afternoon.

With all these newfound skills, I truly have gained so much by being here at MaxYield. I appreciate everything the team has done for me, and I really can’t thank them enough.

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