January 18, 2021

Klemme Location Construction Update 9.22.2020

Summer has brought major changes to the Klemme skyline thanks to a $4.5 million investment at this MaxYield Cooperative location. The location is open for grain receiving as usual this fall and construction is nearly complete. Crews are slated to finish improvements early this fall, which includes a 750,000-bushel bin, 4,000-bushel-per-hour grain dryer, upgrades to two existing bins for wet corn, overhead truck load out capability, and additional infrastructure. While construction wraps up, the Klemme location is fully operational and will be taking grain as normal this harvest. Please be mindful of additional equipment and construction workers as you dump grain.

Interested in setting up delivery to the Klemme location? Call 712-454-1061 to talk with one of our Klemme team members.

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