February 28, 2021

Laura Klaes, communications intern

20160613_maxyield_123What is one of Laura Klaes’ biggest concerns about the future of agriculture? Public perception skewed by misinformation. That’s why she has interned with ISU’s small-farm sustainability program, the Agricultural Marketing Resource Center in Ames and now MaxYield, handling everything from social media to web content.

“I want to help people learn more about the families who work on Iowa’s farms,” said Klaes, 20, a junior at ISU who is double majoring in ag communications and ag and society (the former public service administration program). “Telling the farmers’ stories helps keep people connected to agriculture.”

Q: What inspired you to study agriculture in college?
A: I’ve been in ag my whole life. My parents, Curt and Mary Klaes, operate a row-crop operation and beef feedlot near Osage. I was a member of the Osage High Towers 4-H Club and served as FFA president at Osage High School. I enjoy working with the people in agriculture and learning their stories.

Q: What have you enjoyed about your MaxYield communications internship?
A: I like the client relations part of the internship, which has involved working on MaxYield’s tractor calendar, creating videos of the 2016 MaxYield interns, writing blog posts and gathering information from SciMax Solutions clients for the Iowa Environmental Stewards Award nominations. Getting to know the other MaxYield interns has been really fun, too. I’ve also broadened my network, since many of these interns are at ISU. I first heard about my MaxYield internship from another ISU student, Taylor Kluver, who had this role last summer. I did a lot of research by reading all of Taylor’s MaxYield blog posts and watching the 2015 intern videos, which were very helpful. I would definitely recommend an MYC internship, because you can take advantage of a wide range of opportunities.

Q: How have you benefited by having Chad Meyer as your mentor at MaxYield?
A: Chad is a seasoned professional. I can ask him questions and bounce ideas off him, which is really helpful. I also like the amount of freedom he gives me. He and the other MaxYield team members don’t micromanage you but encourage you to take the initiative.

Q: What are your career goals after graduation?
A: I want to work in ag and am willing to take a job outside of Iowa, although I would like to come back to Iowa. A big part of finding a job is who you know. MaxYield has given me many great opportunities to meet many ag business professionals.

Editor’s note: In her free time, Laura enjoys running and spending time with her family, including her nieces (baby twin girls) and cousins in Osage, as well as her older sister, Elizabeth, who works in the editorial department of Our Iowa magazine in Ames.

A Minute with MaxYield Mentor Chad Meyer, member relations/communications
Q: What have you enjoyed about working with Laura?
A: From day one, Laura came to MaxYield with a can-do attitude. She’s always positive, ready to learn and has done a great job with each project assigned to her. In addition to being a skilled interviewer and writer, she has great ideas on how to make projects or the internship better, and she isn’t afraid to speak up when the time is right. Laura has been a big help, allowing me to focus on other areas of MaxYield this summer.

Q: What do you appreciate about MaxYield’s internship program?
A: MaxYield’s client relations/communications internship gives students real-world experience in writing, social media, blogging, project creation, video production and much more. I welcome the chance to serve as a mentor to not only Laura, but the other MaxYield interns. In a small way, the internship program allows us to give back to agriculture and our rural communities. It’s great to see interns and MaxYield mentors grow professionally by being involved in the program

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