December 3, 2020

Leah Bunkers: Seed & Agronomy Sales Intern

Growing up working in her family’s full-service, independent elevator, Leah Bunkers knew what she was in for when she became a seed and agronomy sales intern at MaxYield this summer. Leah loved the customer relation side of her family’s business, which led her to pursue a degree in agronomy, because it would allow her to work directly with clients. The Granville, IA, native will be a senior at South Dakota State University in Brookings, SD, in the fall, majoring in agronomy with minors in ag business and precision ag.

What are some of your daily responsibilities?

Not many days are the same. Since I started my internship in May, I’ve done tissue sampling every Monday, scouted fields when the weather allowed (which was not very often), and have done work on the computer by helping to get new map technology set up. Once a week, all of the interns meet with the seed team leader to talk about problems we are seeing in fields around the territory and learning about how we can help farmers eliminate them in future years.

Who are your mentors and how have you benefitted from having mentors in your internship?

My mentors are Cody Ostendorf and Jon Kaduce. They have very different teaching styles, but that has benefitted me because I’ve learned a lot from each of them. Their experience in the industry and knowledge over a wide-range of subjects has opened up my learning to a broader range of topics.

What kinds of qualities does someone in your position need to have?

Being able to relate to the client is the number one quality to have. This comes with having a positive attitude day-in and day-out. Those bad days are going to happen but you have to move past the negativity, put on a smile and make a connection with the client.

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