November 30, 2020

Letter to Membership: Election Update

The following letter will be mailed June 1st to Class A members of MaxYield Cooperative. The letter provides an update on who is seeking election to the board of directors, and who to contact if you are interested in running.

June 1, 2013

Dear MaxYield Cooperative Members,

The governance process is one of the most important components of your cooperative’s success. The purpose of this letter is to inform our members of the approaching board of director elections and provide who you should contact if you are interested in seeking election to the board in each of the three regions.

In the east region (east of Hwy 17), Eric Marchand is seeking re-election.

Jim Wirtz is seeking re-election in the central region (between Highway 4 and Highway 17).

In the west region (west of Highway 4) Todd Meyer is seeking re-election.

Since an incumbent is seeking re-election in each region, no nominating committee will be formed. If you are interested in seeking election to the MaxYield board, please contact Chad Meyer, Client Relations/Communications director, at 800-383-0003 ext. 216 or

Two years ago, we adopted the new policy that if an incumbent wants to run for re-election, we will not form a nominating committee. While we no longer form a nominating committee in this instance, we welcome new candidates to run for the board and encourage you to consider this opportunity.

To be considered a candidate, candidates must:

• Be a Class “A” member.

• No criminal record (felonies)

• A good credit history with MaxYield

• History of a reasonable amount of business with MaxYield

The deadline to declare your intention to run for the board is August 31st 2013.


Howard Haas

Board President



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