February 28, 2021

Mason Nicklos Meets a New Challenge

Mason NicklosWhen Mason Nicklos accepted an agronomy specialist level 1 trainee job at MaxYield Cooperative in June of 2012, he had no idea he would advance so quickly.

“By late fall of last year, MaxYield needed a client service representative to help our agronomists,” said Nicklos, who is based in Emmetsburg. “It was a baptism by fire, but I’ve been given lots of support in this new role.”

In January of 2013, Nicklos transitioned permanently into his new role, which is part operations and part sales. He manages the seed warehouse, handles work orders and billing, and oversees safety efforts. Nicklos and his team members serve clients in Iowa from Pocahontas and Mallard to Ruthven and Ayrshire and beyond, and into Minnesota.

“I appreciate the opportunities I’ve been given here and like the family atmosphere at MaxYield,” said Nicklos, who grew up in Ogden. “People show you respect, and I’m increasing my agronomy knowledge every day.”

Mentors make a positive difference

Nicklos first became acquainted with MaxYield while he was still a student at Iowa State University (ISU). He made a point to visit with MaxYield team members during the College of Agriculture and Life Science’s spring career fair.

“I had heard nothing but good things about MaxYield and wanted to meet them,” said Nicklos, who earned his ag business degree from ISU in May of 2012.

Pursuing an ag career in Iowa was the logical next step for Nicklos, who began working on farms when he was about 12 years old and later bagged seed at the DeKalb plant near Boone.

“I grew up around agriculture and love the people in this industry. By the time I interviewed for a job with MaxYield, I knew I wanted to stay in the Midwest and was really interested in ag sales.”

When he started as an agronomy specialist trainee, Nicklos did a lot of job shadowing with Kurt Metzger, Dan Stokes, Greg Ervin, Danny Davis, and Brad Shirk, along with SciMax Solutions team members.

“MaxYield set me up with many good mentors. I asked a lot of questions and took a lot of notes. This helped shorten the big learning curve with crop protection products, where you need to know which products to use where and at what rates.”

Nicklos has also appreciated the warm welcome he has received from local growers. “There are a lot of progressive farmers around here. Even though I don’t have 25 years of agronomy experience, they are willing to work with me.”

Nicklos is excited that more area growers are enrolling in SciMax to boost their crops’ yield potential. “They want to learn just as much as we want to teach them, and I’m glad I can be part of this.”

It takes a team

From the start, MaxYield team members have provided Mason Nicklos with the tools and resources required to meet clients’ needs, without micromanaging his day-to-day tasks.

“I’m fortunate to have really great teammates I respect a lot, from managers to outside operations specialists. There’s a sense of accomplishment that comes from working together and getting the job done.”

Nicklos encourages other young professionals to build their career at MaxYield. “Job opportunities in ag are endless today. If you’re looking at your options, I’d put MaxYield at the top of the list.”

Editor’s note: An avid outdoorsman, Nicklos enjoys deer and pheasant hunting and ice fishing when he has time off from work.


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