November 23, 2020

Matt Keel Provides Seed Solutions

Matt KeelBehold the seed. So many big decisions revolve around this little storehouse of genetic potential. That’s why MaxYield Cooperative is pleased to welcome Matt Keel as the new seed solutions specialist for our East Area.

Matt joined MaxYield in August and knows northern Iowa well. He’s also well-versed in the latest seed solutions and is ready to work with you. We caught up with Matt recently to share a little more about his background.

Q: What sparked your interest in agriculture?

A: I grew up on a farm near Forest City. I always knew I wanted to work in agriculture, because there’s something new every day. I live in the Forest City/Crystal Lake area and do some farming on the side.

Q: How did your education and work experience prepare you for your role at MaxYield?

A: After graduating from Forest City High School in 2002 and North Iowa Area Community College in 2004, I worked on a cattle ranch near Manning for about a year. I wanted to get back to northern Iowa, so I got a job at Farmers Coop in Forest City. I worked there eight years. I was their seed sales manager for the past six years.

Q: What attracted you to MaxYield?

A: I was interested in the opportunity to specialize strictly in seed, and I like the chance to work one-on-one with clients. I also like MaxYield’s team aspect. A big part of my job is helping support MaxYield’s agronomists so we can serve local growers effectively. Someone always has your back.

Q: How are you providing solutions for MaxYield clients?

A: With the price of today’s seed, you have to be smart about what you buy and where you plant it. I want to earn farmers’ trust by making the recommendations that help them maximize their yields, especially as they shoot for 250- and 300-bushel corn. I’m getting to know the soil types in the East Area, which covers the territory east of Highway 17. I’m pretty familiar with Britt and Garner, and I’m learning the Belmond, Klemme, and Meservey areas. I look forward to getting to know your fields and helping you make your 2014 seed decisions.

Q: What’s the best way to contact you?

A: I’m at 641-430-3823 (cell), 888-843-3878 (office), or

Editor’s note: Matt and his fiancée Ashley have an infant daughter, Kinsley. When he has time off from work, he enjoys snowmobiling in Wisconsin and the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming.


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