February 27, 2021

MaxYield 100 Years: November 1956

Davenport Elev.West Bend Elevator Company, founded in 1915, and later renamed MaxYield Cooperative, owes a portion of its history to the former Davenport Elevator Company.

West Bend Elevator was established on the south side of the railroad tracks in West Bend.

Davenport Elevator Company was operating at the time on the north side of the tracks.

Later, West Bend Elevator acquired the Davenport Elevator property, moving most of the operation to its present location.

With this newspaper clipping from the Mason City Globe-Gazette dated November 13, 1956, we look back at an upgrade that Davenport Elevator completed for their feed department.

With the photo below, we also show an original seed bag from the Davenport Elevator Company.


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