November 27, 2020

MaxYield Algona hosts Bishop Garrigan students

We were excited to get this photo sent to us, from Beanie Bode, who brought his Science Within The Community class to MaxYield’s Algona location recently.

The class at Bishop Garrigan High School in Algona is learning about the basics of nutrient absorption. Using materials from Bode’s previous agronomy class at Iowa State University, literature from MicroEssentials and their trip to our agronomy facility, the students got a real-world look at science in action.

On their way back to school, we made sure they were well stocked with MaxYield hats. The hats were more probably more popular with the students than with their instructors when they got back, however.

Thank you to Mr. Bode and his students for stopping by. We look forward future interaction, including introducing them to the “R7” seed placement tool.


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