December 4, 2020

MaxYield All-Star Team: Carol Laubenthal

20150504_maxyield_041 (1024x681)As we continue to celebrate our 100 year anniversary, we look back at some of the folks that make our company great…including our All-Star team award winners: 

Author and motivational speaker Les Brown noted, “You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.” When Carol Laubenthal started her career at MaxYield a decade ago, she was up for the challenge.

“Although I grew up on a farm near Rodman, I never thought I’d work in agriculture,” said Carol, a graduate of West Bend-Mallard High School who started at MaxYield’s Hobarton location. “I originally planned on going into the hotel/foodservice industry, so I had a lot to learn about an ag cooperative.”

Her MaxYield education started with running the grain probe and weighing trucks at the scale and advanced from there. “I still remember the first time I did the settlement checks,” Carol said. “The checks seem big until you realize that farmers have to pay for their seed, fuel, and many other expenses with that money.”

Learning the grain industry prepared Carol for her next role as the client care leader at the Algona location. “You have to be a jack-of-all-trades in this role and know about grain and agronomy,” said Carol, who also answers clients’ questions about their MaxYield statements. “While clients can look up information online, they like the fact that they can still call us and talk to someone who knows their farming operation.”

Getting to know MaxYield’s clients is one of the highlights of the job, added Carol, who enjoys visiting with members of the local coffee crowd, who often convene at the Algona office when the weather isn’t conducive to farm work. It’s almost like family—much like the MaxYield team members who make Carol’s job easier.

“We have a great group of people at MaxYield. If you have a question or don’t understand something, there’s always a support system to help you find the answer.” This spirit of service defines members of each year’s All Star Team. “I’ve always admired how the All Star Team interacts with MaxYield clients and MaxYield team members,” Carol said. “It’s a big network of people who go above and beyond with a good attitude and a willingness to help others.”

These leaders also look for ways to embrace new technology to help MaxYield provide even more solutions, Carol added. “That keeps me excited about the future.”

Editor’s note: Carol has two daughters, Clarissa and Casey, who are both 21 and live in the area. In her free time, Carol enjoys traveling to favorite destinations like Las Vegas.


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