December 3, 2020

MaxYield All-Star Team: Cody Ostendorf

20150504_maxyield_018 (681x1024)As we continue to celebrate our 100 year anniversary, we look back at some of the folks that make our company great…including our All-Star team award winners: 

From his internship in 2010 to his promotion to agronomy specialist, Cody Ostendorf has come a long way in a short time, and that’s good news for MaxYield clients.

“Providing agronomy solutions is a priority for me,” said Cody, who is based in Belmond. “I want to help provide the expertise and products to help clients in this area maximize their yield potential.”

Cody first got connected with MaxYield when he was completing his agricultural business degree with an agronomy minor at Iowa State University.

When Cody joined MaxYield full time in 2011, he was based in Meservey and worked closely with Jon Kaduce, a MaxYield agronomy specialist. Also, the two years he spent at the seed warehouse in Garner were invaluable to helping him become an agronomy specialist in 2013.

“I needed to understand MaxYield’s operations better so I can help our clients get the solutions they need,” said Cody, who handled many seed treatment jobs and learned the co-op agronomy business from the ground up.

Seeing the world through the clients’ eyes
Cody was no stranger to agriculture, since he grew up on a farm near Meservey. This has been a plus in his role as agronomy specialist. “I’ve known a lot of the growers in the area for years,” said Cody, who enjoys seeing the seasons change and watching the crops grow. “I also know the ground around here, which helps me make recommendations for clients.”

Working closely with clients is appealing to Cody, who also likes the unique role of an agronomist. “It’s like a CSI investigation—there’s something you’re trying to diagnose, and you need to spend some time in the field to see if it’s a disease, nutrient deficiency, or something else.”

Cody also appreciates the new fertilizer complex at Belmond, which allows the team to provide full agronomy services to clients in the region. This is also enhancing SciMax Solutions, which continues to grow in the East Area. “There’s a lot of excitement among growers about the new fertilizer facility in Belmond, which is helping us provide better, faster service,” Cody said.

Being able to see the world through the clients’ eyes is the key to supplying this service, Cody added. “Farmers have so much going on, from finding the right crop protection products to managing herbicide resistance. When I help them develop a plan, I take economics into consideration and give them options to fit their needs.”

It takes a team
Delivering these solutions takes a team. “I enjoy the people I work with, because we share the same goal of thinking about the client first and helping each other out,” Cody said. “They aren’t just team members to me. They are friends.”

Cody was humbled to be named to the All Star Team. “It’s a huge honor, since there are many great team members at MaxYield. One of the biggest compliments I’ve gotten is from clients who say it looks like MaxYield is a good place to work. I feel this way and love hearing that from clients.”

Editor’s note: Cody and his wife, Suni, have a one-year-old daughter, Indi. While Suni used to work for MaxYield at Meservey and Belmond, she is now a stay-at-home mom. In his free time, Cody enjoys spending time with his family.

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