February 25, 2021

MaxYield All-Star Team: John Weiland, Agronomy Applicator

20150504_maxyield_015 (1024x681)As we continue to celebrate our 100 year anniversary, we look back at some of the folks that make our company great…including our All-Star team award winners: 

Aristotle noted, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” For John Weiland, excellence is a habit that has earned him a place on MaxYield’s All Star Team for two years in a row.

John was sick the day of the awards presentation, however, and didn’t quite believe what he was hearing from his team members who attended. “I started getting texts from my team members that I’d been named to the All Star Team again,” said John, a Britt native who works in MaxYield’s East Area. “I thought they were joking around with me, but they weren’t.”

John was surprised and humbled to receive this honor. It’s an award that could easily go to many of his fellow team members, he said. “To me, a MaxYield All Star is dedicated, friendly, and has a good attitude. I look forward to coming to work, because I love the job.”

John’s work takes him to fields from Britt to Meservey. Whether he’s applying fertilizer, crop protection products, or chicken litter, John works alone but appreciates the team members who support him.

“This job gives you freedom but definitely requires a team effort, too. You need a truck driver, office personnel to weigh the truck, and someone to load the products before I can apply them on clients’ fields.”

Relying on his team members to serve clients efficiently has been an important part of John’s 24-year career with MaxYield. When he started with Farmers Cooperative of Britt, he worked in the feed mill before joining the agronomy team. In addition to applying fertilizer and crop protection products in the spring and summer, John applies chicken litter in the fall through GE-MAX Nutrients LLC.

Providing exceptional service to local clients is important to John, who worked for his Burgardt relatives on their Britt-area farms during high school and college. “The farmers around here are friendly, good people. I’ve known a lot of them all my life and enjoy working with them.”

John also appreciates his team members in Britt. “We have a good group of people, and many of them have a lot of experience here,” noted John, who is glad he can work in his hometown and stay close to agriculture. “The team is almost like family.”

Moving into the future
While farms and equipment have grown larger, making it more challenging for applicators to keep ahead of the planters and combines, technology has also enhanced John’s job. “MaxYield gives us very good equipment to work with,” he said. “I like how accurate the equipment is today, because it makes precision application much easier.”

John also appreciates the opportunity to work outside, see the countryside, and take training classes each year on equipment maintenance and other timely topics. “I also like to see how we’re moving forward, with everything from new grain bins to fertilizer sheds,” he said. “We’re not moving backwards because MaxYield is focused on the future.”

Editor’s note: John has three children: Kaylee, a college student who is switching her major to nursing; Logan, who recently graduated from West Hancock High School and is thinking about studying agriculture at North Iowa Area Community College; and Lucas, who will be in ninth grade this fall at West Hancock. John enjoys spending time with his wife, Catherine, attending his kids’ school activities, and golfing at the Britt Country Club, where he serves as president.

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