January 25, 2021

MaxYield and CoBank Contribute Funds to Meservey Fire Department

Christine Sandry, secretary/ treasurer for the Meservey Fire & Rescue Foundation, accepts contributions of $2500 from MaxYield Cooperative and matching funds in the same amount from CoBank.

MaxYield Cooperative recently contributed $2500 plus $2500 in matching funds from CoBank’s Sharing Success program to the Meservey Fire & Rescue Foundation. The contributions, presented to Christine Sandry, secretary and treasurer for the Meservey Fire & Rescue Foundation June 22nd, will assist the department in updating turnout lockers at the fire station.
“MaxYield Cooperative is proud to support our local fire and rescue entities and also to facilitate CoBank’s assistance to the Meservey Fire Department,” said Chad Meyer, client relations/communications leader at MaxYield. “The Meservey Fire Department is a cornerstone of the community and supports several initiatives, including the annual Fourth of July fireworks. We are happy to help in upgrading the turnout lockers for the department.”

The matching funds were provided through CoBank’s “Sharing Success” program, which provides contributions through cooperatives to local nonprofit organizations. CoBank provides loans, leases, and financial services to agribusinesses and rural power, water and communications providers in all 50 states.


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