January 20, 2021

MaxYield Board of Directors approve grain storage expansion in Britt, Belmond

MaxYield’s board of directors recently approved the construction of two grain storage bins, one in Britt and one in Belmond. The new bins will each hold 725,000 bushels of grain, similar to the bins shown in this photo.

The MaxYield Cooperative board of directors has approved the construction of additional grain storage at two MaxYield locations. The grain bins, which are set to be completed during the cooperative’s fiscal year 2020, will each be 105’ in diameter and will each hold 725,000 bushels of grain. One of the new grain bins will be constructed at MaxYield’s location in Britt and one will be constructed at the cooperative’s location in Belmond.

Site preparation for the expansion at each location is expected to be completed this fall, with an expected project completion in time for harvest in the fall of 2020. Keith Heim, CEO, is excited about the approved expansion. “I am pleased to announce that the MaxYield Board of Directors approved moving forward with the addition of two grain bin storage projects. Our strong balance sheet, arguably the best in our history, allows us to continue our commitment to upgrading our facilities and equipment at MaxYield Cooperative.”

These projects are in the early stages of development at this time. More details will be shared as they become available by the cooperative.


MaxYield Cooperative is a local, diversified farmer-owned cooperative serving members and clients in Iowa, and southern Minnesota. Founded in 1915, MaxYield Cooperative is headquartered in West Bend, Iowa. More information about the cooperative can be found online at www.MaxYieldCoop.com and www.FromTheField.com.

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