November 24, 2020

MaxYield Cultivates Home-Grown Talent

Skilled team members are helping MaxYield Cooperative move forward with its new 22,000-ton dry fertilizer storage facility at Belmond, which will include a blend facility for phosphate, potash, and urea when the complex begins operations this fall. As the Belmond location’s new agronomy specialist, Cody Ostendorf is playing a key role in expanding MaxYield’s agronomy business.

“Cody has proven himself as a fulltime team member and is ready for this new role,” said Keith Heim, MaxYield’s CEO. “He’s also a great example of how MaxYield’s recruiting efforts are paying off for the company and our clients.”

Ostendorf started as an agronomy sales intern in MaxYield’s East Region in the summer of 2010. After graduating from Iowa State University, he joined MaxYield full time and worked as a trainee for 12 months. His mentors taught him many facets of the agronomy business, from crop scouting to custom anhydrous application. Heim is excited to see Ostendorf take on the agronomy specialist role.

“This is a perfect example of how MaxYield’s internship program and year-round recruiting efforts help the company capitalize on opportunities when they arise.”

Cultivating MaxYield’s existing talent streamlines the process of growth. Recruiting team members from outside MaxYield can often take four to eight months just to identify the right candidates and bring them into the company, Heim said. Then it takes more time for MaxYield’s clients to become acquainted with these new team members.

“Having the right people like Cody already in place is a solution that benefits MaxYield and our clients in the long run,” Heim said.

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