February 27, 2021

MaxYield decreases corn drying cost

MaxYield offers our clients the opportunity to harvest corn early and avoid high drying charges. MaxYield will only charge a 3 cent per point per bushel drying charge on wet corn delivered now, thru Saturday, October 5th. 

For more information, contact your nearest MaxYield location.

During the harvest of 2012, many of our clients were able to harvest 10 to 20 bu per acre MORE corn by harvesting corn at 22-25% moisture.

We know your entire year of work is sitting in the field. Harvesting early avoids several yield robbing issues, like stalk rot, down corn, wind damage, harvest shatter loss, hail, rain/snow, and possible price decline.

We also have plenty of on-farm trucks are available to haul your corn to MaxYield fast!


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