December 4, 2020

MaxYield Feeds Winners at Iowa State Fair

IMG_1704MaxYield Cooperative congratulates our clients on a job well done at the Iowa State Fair during the 2015 FFA hog show!

The first picture is of the Supreme Purebred Breeding Gilt/Champion Berkshire Breeding Gilt shown and owned by Andrew Dornbier (Garner-Hayfield/Ventura FFA) of Garner, IA.

Shown in the second photo is  Reserve Champion Poland China Market Hog shown and owned by Natalee Dippel (Belmond-Klemme FFA) of Belmond, IA.

IMG_1696Both Andrew and Natalee purchased their show feed from MaxYield’s feed mill, located in Garner.

Eric Malek  and his team have done a great job providing solutions to his feed clients and getting them products they need in order to be successful.

To learn more about our show feed solutions, contact your nearest MaxYield location, or our Garner feed mill.

Congratulations Andrew and Natalee!









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