November 24, 2020

MaxYield grain merchandising is huge part in both Feed Mill and Ethanol Plant process

By: Jake Mullenix

Our field trip day was a great learning experience, as well as, lots of fun.  We visited two different places, the first being Murphy-Brown feed mill just west of Algona.  I enjoyed this tour of the plant because it was built much like a grain elevator.  I enjoyed discussing back legs with our tour guide, and other issues associated with legs.  I was amazed to learn that they have motion sensors on almost all of their augers, conveyers, and legs.  If one of these sensors is tripped, it automatically shuts off every piece of equipment leading to that machine.

The second location that we visited was the Lakota ethanol plant.  I enjoyed hearing about what is done with the byproducts from making ethanol.  I also was very interested in how MaxYield merchandises all the grain for these two locations, a huge part in both processes. The Lakota ethanol plant runs on a 24/7 365 days a year schedule, and the Hobarton feed mill runs a 6 day schedule.


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