February 28, 2021

MaxYield Interns Explore Key Industries in Agriculture

Group Photo EditsOn Friday, June 21, the 2013 MaxYield summer interns and Client Relations/ Communications Director, Chad Meyer, learned about two important industries of the agricultural world as they toured the Murphy Brown Feed Mill in Hobarton, IA. and the Green Plains Ethanol Plant in Lakota, IA. Both tours were very enlightening as the MaxYield group was able to observe the manufacturing processes and see firsthand all of the elements that go into the production of feed and ethanol.

The first stop was at the Murphy Brown Feed Mill where the interns learned about the various ingredients that are used in the making of hog feed. Many were surprised by the unusual food products that can be recycled and blended for livestock consumption. Being exposed to the basic operations of the mill, the group visited the control room, gained insight on how the feed is originated and transported, and realized the thorough amount of maintenance the feed mill requires to continuously support production.

In the afternoon, the MaxYield bunch headed to Lakota where they were shown the various stages of ethanol manufacturing. Touring different areas of the plant, the interns learned about how ethanol is generated by viewing the fermentation chambers, cooling units, and storage tanks. The group was also able to witness how the plant is controlled and where lab testing takes place on ethanol and its assorted by-products such as corn oil.

Overall, the MaxYield interns really enjoyed becoming aware of the processes involved with these two essential aspects of agriculture. Not only were the tours an excellent educational opportunity, but the day also served as an occasion for a little intern bonding. Thank you to Murphy Brown and Green Plains for giving the MaxYield interns the opportunity to understand a side of agriculture that many people never have the chance to see.




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