March 2, 2021

MaxYield Interns Observe Manufacturing Process at AGCO

On Wednesday, July 10th the Interns CompressedMaxYield summer interns, international trainee, Iurii Nadtochii, and team members, Ron Sikora and Chad Meyer, traveled to Jackson, MN where they participated in a public tour of the AGCO factory.   The visit began at the AGCO Jackson Intivity Center as the group read about the company history and innovation of products. Three full scale working models, two Challengers and a Massey Ferguson, of the AGCO lineup dominated the Intivity Center. The guests were invited to climb into the machinery giants and check out the latest features.

The tour proceeded to a mini theatre where the MaxYield crew watched a short inspirational film on rural life and AGCO’s role in Jackson. Following the clip, the visitors were equipped with safety glasses and a headset in preparation of entering the working factory. Once inside, the group was exposed to the high tech tools and mechanisms of the industrial plant and observed the manufacturing process from the bottom on up. From viewing the painting process, to welding, and part assemblage, the tour laid out the big picture of farm equipment production but also informed the group on a few of the more fascinating details.

Overall the visit to AGCO was a success as the MaxYield group learned a great deal about the production and innovation of modern-day manufacturing. Observing the precision and time put into the equipment used daily in the agricultural world was a wonderful way to gain appreciation for the technology that has brought us to today’s incredible advancements in farming. Thank you to AGCO for hosting the MaxYield members on such an educational tour.

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