November 28, 2020

MaxYield Internships: What Are They All About?

Welcoming, fun environment, team oriented, like family, a great experience. These are just a few ways summer interns describe their experiences at MaxYield Cooperative. The internship program at MaxYield is to be commended for the hands-on experiences available to students, and the opportunities it opens for them. This summer, seven interns were hired in the areas of crop scouting and soil sampling, seed and agronomy sales, and communications and client relations. Each intern is assigned to one or two MaxYield team members who serve as their mentor throughout the internship. The mentorship program provides a look into the mentor’s job on a day-to-day basis, and the mentor’s role is to make sure the internship experience is unique to the student’s interests and goals.

The crop scout and soil sample internship at MaxYield is the perfect opportunity for students to learn the basics of agronomy. The crop scout and soil sample interns all agreed that a needed trait for the internship is a desire to work hard, but it doesn’t require a farm background. With the rainy weather this season, all of the interns spent quite a bit of time with their mentors learning about weed and pest identification. In the short spurts of dry weather, they were working hard taking grid soil samples. The soil samples are used for SciMax Solutions variable rate programs to determine where and how much fertilizer is needed in a particular field. Cody Tjossem expressed that he enjoyed that he stayed busy in his internship. Much of the work was very hand-on, and provided great learning experiences.

The seed and agronomy sales internship was also affected by the late spring and wet weather, but interns say it wasn’t necessarily a negative thing for them. Intern Leah Bunkers says she benefitted from the difficult weather because she didn’t miss out on the busy season that would’ve normally taken place before the start of the internship. She commented that these difficulties brought reality, and gave her a sense of what it would really be like to be in the business. Though it made for great learning experiences, the difficulties with weather gave the interns a taste of the stress that tough times put on farmers. Both of the seed and agronomy sales interns expressed the importance of keeping a positive attitude through these times, and always working hard to keep the client happy.

The communications and client relations internship is jam-packed with many different projects throughout the summer. A few of these include coordinating the antique tractor calendar, shooting and editing videos featuring MaxYield interns and team members, and creating marketing materials such as brochures and flyers. Intern Katie Decker added that her favorite part of the internship was job shadowing industry professionals and field trips to learn more about careers in the communications field. This internship is quite busy, but Katie commented that it’s important to effectively manage any down-time to plan ahead for projects. An intern in the communications and client relations position gains experience through practice in writing and editing. This internship is perfect for a student seeking to build their professional skills and define the areas of communication in which they would like to pursue moving forward.

Internships at MaxYield Cooperative stand out from others due to the real-world approach that encourages interns to think and act like full-time team members. The flexibility in creating an internship that is unique to each student allows interns to work with team members in various departments based on the types of things they’d like to learn more about. MaxYield truly lives out their motto, “We See More in Your Fields,” by viewing interns as the future, and investing in them to develop leaders in agriculture.


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