March 1, 2021

MaxYield is on a Mission

20140723_maxyield_528 (1024x681)People sometimes ask us what we look for in a MaxYield team member. Imagine the kind of person you’d want in your own business.

You’d probably want a fast learner who can take the initiative and handle important jobs with very little supervision. You’d also likely look for a person of integrity with a positive attitude. It’s a plus if the person is a good communicator—especially a good listener.

It’s the same at MaxYield. We hire people who fit our culture first, and then we look at the skills they offer. There’s a certain kind of person who will live MaxYield’s non-negotiables of integrity, safety, professionalism, client focus, accountability, and teamwork.

These “people skills” are key. We can teach you various technical skills related to agronomy, grain, or other areas of our business, but you need to come to us with people skills. That’s why we don’t have job descriptions at MaxYield; we have job missions. A mission reflects a sense of purpose, far beyond just showing up and putting in the time.

A mission means we strive for a work-life balance, even though the cyclical nature of agriculture means this can be challenging at certain times of the year. When it’s go time, we do what it takes to take care of our clients.

A mission also means we’re always looking for good people to join MaxYield’s team. We look at every resume and job application we receive and evaluate which candidates might be a good fit. We also conduct a pre-employment drug screening.

Mentors help MaxYield meet its mission

Part of our mission also involves year-round recruitment, which has proven to be very successful for MaxYield. A big part of this involves internships, on-the-job training opportunities, and summer work experiences for college students. Starting on page 6, I encourage you to read about the ambitious, talented young people who’ve contributed to MaxYield in countless ways this summer.

While developing this talent takes a lot of effort and good mentors, MaxYield is up to the challenge. Through our roles as mentors, we’re reminded that we don’t have a corner on the market of good ideas. Students look at the world through a different set of eyes and offer fresh perspectives. We learn from them as they ask questions and remind us of the basics of why we do what we do.

While we can’t hire every intern who works with MaxYield— and we know the cooperative system won’t be the right fit for every student’s career goals—we do offer valuable learning experiences for every young person who comes here. As we work with more students each year, our pool of potential hires grows, giving us more talent to pick from. This offers a distinct advantage in today’s competitive ag job market.

I’m also pleased that some of these students have come back to join us as full-time team members. Together, we’re on a mission, and we see more in your fields.

Diane Streit
Human Resources Director












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