February 25, 2021

MaxYield, SciMax Solutions Welcome Coach Paul Rhoads

SciMax Solutions and Paul Rhoads

The SciMax team (left to right) of Rachel Norby, Eric Goodman, Peter Bixel, Rodney Legleiter, and Janie Imming, join head coach Paul Rhoads.

MaxYield Cooperative and SciMax Solutions were pleased to host Iowa State head football coach Paul Rhoads today for their annual Learning Seminar in Des Moines.

Coach Rhoads was the keynote speaker of the event, discussing leadership topics that applied to both the football field and the agricultural field.

Mr. Rhoads concluded his remarks by discussing the three building blocks he has used to build Iowa State’s football program and how he felt they applied to picking the right partners to increase farmers production and profit. Those building blocks consisted of being SMART, being ACCOUNTABLE, and TRUSTING those that are coaching you.

Thank you to Coach Rhoads for setting the tone for a great educational session for our team and clients!

More information about SciMax Solutions is available at www.SciMaxSolutions.com

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