February 25, 2021

MaxYield Supports Garner Fire Department

Adam Upmeyer - Terry Jass

Adam Upmeyer, MaxYield Lumber team leader (left), presents Garner fire chief Terry Jass with a contribution in support of their efforts managing the fire that destroyed the warehouse.

MaxYield Cooperative recently presented a contribution to the Garner Fire Department, totaling $1,000. MaxYield’s Lumber and Supply south warehouse was lost due to a fire that started in a neighboring garage on September 26th.

“We are grateful for the fast response of the Garner Fire Department that night,” said Adam Upmeyer, team leader at MaxYield Lumber store. “While our building was already engulfed when they arrived, their hard work prevented the fire from spreading to neighboring homes.” There were no injuries caused by the blaze.

Upmeyer also stated that in addition to fighting the fire, the Garner Fire Department provided equipment and manpower needed to help clean up the site in the days that followed. “There were several days we needed their help, and they were always right there,” he said.

MaxYield Cooperative is a local, farmer-owned agricultural cooperative, headquartered in West Bend, IA. They annually support communities, providing funding and volunteer opportunities for their team members.

More information about the company is found online at www.MaxYieldCooperative.com and www.FromTheField.com.

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