February 27, 2021

Internship Grows With Ryan Mayland’s Interests

Ryan MaylandRyan Mayland of Britt has always been interested in crop production, and several factors convinced him that MaxYield Cooperative was the right place to learn more about agronomy sales, seed, and precision agriculture.

“Mark Eisenman is a MaxYield team member who got my older brother, Nate, interested in agronomy at Iowa State University (ISU), and now I’m following in my brother’s footsteps,” said Mayland, 20, who is a junior at ISU majoring in ag studies and minoring in agronomy. “I was also interested in interning at MaxYield after picking up a copy of MaxYield’s magazine from the ag career office at ISU and reading about other interns’ experiences.”

After Mayland watched a YouTube video in which 2012 agronomy intern PJ Frederick talked about his internship at MaxYield, Mayland knew MaxYield would be the right choice for him too.

Q: What inspired you to study agriculture in college?

A: My dad, Keith, farms with my uncle and my grandpa, and I spent a lot of time on the farm when I was growing up. My high school ag teacher and FFA advisor, Paul Haugie, also influenced me. He’s a fun teacher, and I took as many ag classes with him as I could, including animal science and agronomy classes.

Q: What have you enjoyed about your MaxYield agronomy and seed internship?

A: I like working with the seed side of the business and knew I didn’t just want to sit behind a desk or do crop scouting all summer. Every day is different with my agronomy, seed, and sales internship. One day I’m visiting with a client, and the next day I’m getting seed from the Spencer seed warehouse. I also enjoy going out to the seed plots and seeing how different varieties and hybrids are performing. The variety of the work keeps you on your toes. As a MaxYield intern, you’re not just an employee on the bottom. I’ve gotten to work with the SciMax Solutions® team and have helped with tissue testing. I’ve worked with Janie Imming to see how she collects data and enters it into the planter monitor for variable-rate planting. I like the hands-on work with Sci-Max, which helps clients with soil sampling and variable-rate nitrogen. This makes nutrient applications more accurate, boosts yield potential, and protects the environment.

Q: How have you benefited by having Kurt Metzger as your mentor at MaxYield?

A: Kurt has a vast knowledge of the agronomy world. While he gives me guidance, he also lets me handle a lot of projects. I’m in charge of 30 fields for a client, and Kurt sends me out on my own to check the fields. Other days I tag along with Kurt when he’s making sales calls. I’ve enjoyed getting to meet the growers and learn more about their farming operations.

Q: What are your career goals after graduation?

A: I’d like to stay in Iowa or southern Minnesota and work in agriculture. I want to be close to our family’s farm because I like to help out, especially with harvest.


Interesting facts about Ryan:

• Ryan is a member of Iowa State University’s (ISU) Farm Operations Club, which hosts speakers from Pioneer, Ag Leader Technology, and other local companies to educate the students about current career opportunities in agriculture.

• Ryan enjoys hunting deer (bow and shotgun), ducks, and pheasants. He also likes to go fishing at Spirit Lake and Five Island Lake and enjoys catching bass.

• In the fall, there’s a good chance you’ll find Ryan at ISU football games.

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