March 2, 2021

Meet Agronomy Sales Intern- PJ Frederick

The first few weeks of my internship with MaxYield Co-op has been a great learning experience.

Having been excited for the opportunity to work for this company, I am glad that the time is finally here. Even though only a few weeks have gone by, I feel that I have become part of the team here at MaxYield.

As the Agronomy Specialist Intern, I work closely with the agronomy side of the co-op and spend most of my time evaluating and learning in the field.

In the short time that I have been here I have learned a multitude of things about crop diagnosis, chemical application, seed hybrids, and so much more. The program is highly supportive toward learning and has a professional feeling.

This being my first internship, I feel that I have started off right. I just finished my freshman year at Iowa State University, with an Agriculture Business major and Agronomy minor.  I thought MaxYield would be a great fit for me. Needless to say, I was correct.


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