February 25, 2021

Meet MaxYield 101 Intern- Ben Matson

I attend Iowa State University, where I will be a junior working on an Agriculture Business Major and Agronomy Minor. I found MaxYield at the career fair, and am so glad I did. I am the 101 intern this summer, meaning that I can get a broad look of the company while having the freedom to narrow in on certain areas.

Throughout my first couple weeks at MaxYield Cooperative I have learned many things.  I have really enjoyed the opportunities I have been presented with and am proud to be a part of the MaxYield team.  Everyone at MaxYield has been extremely friendly and welcoming.

I have really enjoyed working with my mentor Dan Stokes and also working with Greg Ervin on a special research project.  They have furthered my knowledge greatly and I look forward to continuing my work with them the rest of the summer.

This summer I will be working primarily in the central district around Whittemore and West Bend.  I have already taken part in many different types of work for MaxYield.

Some things I have done and will be continuing to do are planter stand analysis and tissue sampling.  I have even been able to attend many meetings and meet with customers.

It has already been a great learning experience and I look forward to becoming more educated and well-rounded in the agricultural field.  MaxYield is providing me with a great opportunity this summer and I look forward to making the most of it.

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