February 26, 2021

Meet MaxYield’s Interns

By: Kelsi Pringnitz, Client Relations/Communications Intern

October 2011 marked the beginning of career fairs at both Iowa State University and South Dakota State University. MaxYield attended both and found five excellent candidates for internships this summer. With interviews conducted in October and November, Ben Matson, Jake Mullenix, Derek Haupert, PJ Frederick and Kelsi Pringnitz were offered internships for various positions. This summer marks the first internship for each one of these individuals.

Photo Caption: (from left): Ben Matson, Derek Haupert, Kelsi Pringnitz, PJ Frederick, Jake Mullenix

 Ben Matson completed his sophomore year at Iowa State University and is currently the MaxYield 101 intern. With this internship, Ben is able to get a broad picture of the company and pick areas that he is interested in to learn more about. He is focusing mainly on agronomy, which fits his Ag Business major and Agronomy minor. He has learned much from his mentor Dan Stokes, the seed solutions specialist-central area, such as, stand population and planter stand analysis. He is looking forward to learning as much about the inner-working’s of the company as possible. Ben comes from a family farm near Buffalo Center, IA where they raise row crops.


Jake Mullenix, from Bloomington, IL is also an Ag Business major at Iowa State University, in which he just completed his sophomore year. Jake is mainly located at the Belmond location as the grain operations intern. He enjoys working with his mentors, Pat White, the east area leader as well as Walt Reichert, the west area leader. Loading trucks and train cars, controlling where the grain goes and taking temperatures of bins are just a few things Jake has learned thus far. Jake also comes from an agriculture background and is looking forward to meeting many more “nice folks” from Belmond and learning as much as he can.


Derek Haupert, a South Dakota State University sophomore, is this year’s SciMax Solutions intern. He is an Ag Systems Technology major and double minor in Business and Agronomy from Granville, IA. Peter Bixel, SciMax Solutions team leader, is Derek’s mentor and has taught him so far about variable rate planting and planter stand analysis. He is most looking forward to learning about precision agriculture farming and is hoping he can bring home some useful information to his family’s row crop operation.


PJ Frederick, from Orient, IA, is an Ag Business major with an Agronomy minor from Iowa State University. He just completed his first year there and is looking forward to gaining a professional experience that he can learn from while being the agronomy sales intern. Kurt Metzger, seed solutions specialist-west area, is PJ’s mentor and has learned from him thus far about crop diagnosis, as well as what insects, weeds and diseases to look for in the field. PJ comes from a small family farm that raises row crops.


Kelsi Pringnitz completed her first year at South Dakota State University and was offered the position of client relations/communications intern. She is pursuing an Ag Communications and Leadership double major and an Advertising minor. She will be working with her mentors, Chad Meyer, client relations/communications, and Diane Streit, human resources director. Kelsi has learned how to update websites, make videos for the company and write news releases. She is most looking forward to her big project for the summer, completing the limited edition antique tractor calendar and contributing to My Solutions magazine. From Garner, IA, she lives on a farm outside of town where her family farms row crops and raises show pigs.

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