November 28, 2020

Meet MaxYield’s Newest Agronomy Specialist Trainee, Drew Planteen

Agronomy Specialist Trainee, Drew Planteen, has already been exposed to unique learning experiences since he started his position at MaxYield in May 2018. The South Dakota State University graduate from Langford, SD, says that although this spring has been challenging, it’s been very educational for him in learning about wet conditions and other struggles that come with too much rain. Drew’s favorite part about coming to work every day is connecting with MaxYield clients, not only about their farming operations, but on a personal level as well. Away from work, Drew enjoys spending time with friends and family, hunting and fishing, and playing and watching sports.

What do you look forward to in your position at MaxYield?

I look forward to growing as an agronomy specialist while working towards my career goals and always seeking improvement. I will get to attend various learning days throughout my time as a trainee which I believe will provide me with really great experiences. I enjoy getting to step away from the normal day-to-day tasks and learn through outside knowledge.

Describe a typical day in your positon.

My responsibilities vary from day-to-day, which is the reason I chose this career path. Since I started my position in May 2018, I have been delivering seed, scouting fields, and putting together crop protection product orders. I have also done some soil and tissue sampling.

What are your future career goals?

My biggest career goal is to constantly work towards being a great team member and be an asset to MaxYield clients.

What motivates you about working at MaxYield?

I am motivated by working with my mentor, Justin Zwiefel, because he is always there to help me by answering questions and finding solutions. He also pushes me to set high goals so I can work towards being a great team member.

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