November 25, 2020

Meet SciMax Solutions Intern – Derek Haupert

By: Derek Haupert, SciMax Solutions Intern

It all started at the career fair at South Dakota State University. I met Diane Streit, the Human Resource Director, who told me more about MaxYield and the SciMax Solutions program. I became very interesting in the SciMax internship and also what the SciMax Solutions program can do for farmers.

From our family farm by Granville, IA I became interested in farming but also precision agriculture. I just completed my sophomore year at South Dakota State University and I am majoring in Agriculture System Technology with minors in Business and Agronomy.

Getting the SciMax Solutions internship is exciting for me as precision agriculture is something I enjoy. So far I have found the SciMax program interesting and also beneficial.

Being able to work with Peter, Rodney and Janie, all three have been teaching me a lot about SciMax. Although this summer has just started, I’ve already had the opportunity to see much of how the SMS program works and how it benefits farmers so that they may increase their yields.

I have also been working with the other interns on planter stand analysis and starting on tissue sampling, information that can prove valuable for farmers as well.

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