January 25, 2021

Fueling Your Power Base: Meet Teri Meyer, Energy Solutions Coordinator

When you call Energy Central at MaxYield Cooperative, you’re not just talking to someone who sits behind a desk all day. When you connect with Teri Meyer, you quickly discover she brings her own brand of energy to her new role.

“When I started this job in April 2020, I wanted to get out in the field and see what a typical day is like for our drivers,” said Meyer, energy solutions coordinator.

She rode along with Dave Solberg, a refined fuel delivery driver in the West Area, on a cold, rainy spring day. Every time he got out of the truck to fill a fuel tank, she didn’t stay behind. She followed him and even helped him install a new nozzle on a fuel hose.

“Dave said I didn’t have to get out of the truck at each stop, but I wanted to get the full experience,” Meyer said.

Those experiences can involve eating lunch in the truck on a gravel road, interacting with clients and knowing you’ve put in a full day’s work when it’s quitting time. “By the end of the day, I was shot,” Meyer said. “Riding with Dave gave me a whole new appreciation for how hard the energy team works.”



This appreciation for agriculture and all things rural took root when Meyer worked for the Cartersville Elevator in Nora Springs, Iowa.

“I grew up in Hampton, so I was familiar with a few basics about Iowa farming. Until I starting working at an elevator, however, I had no idea how so many things come together to make agriculture work. The more I learned, I kept thinking, ‘This is so awesome!’”

During the six and a half years she spent at the Cartersville Elevator, Meyer ran the scale when farmers delivered grain. She also started handling some of the fuel work. “I really enjoyed learning about the energy business,” Meyer said. “There’s never a dull moment.”

When Meyer joined MaxYield Cooperative in February 2019, she started as a client care leader at Everly. “Everyone here has been so welcoming. You can tell the MaxYield team truly cares about their clients and team members.”

Meyer didn’t hesitate to apply when a job opportunity with Energy Central opened up this spring. “There was no doubt in my mind I wanted to pursue this,” she said. “I love building strong relationships with our energy clients and finding the solutions they need.”

For some clients, this might mean operating as efficiently as possible to contract propane or sign them up for the even-pay program. For other clients, it means taking the time to visit. “I was on the phone for 17 minutes recently with an 84-year-old client who wanted to chat,” Meyer said. “Our clients are diverse, so we tailor our solutions to fit their style.”

Meyer also enjoys working with the energy team members, from the delivery drivers to energy solutions specialists to Sara Sparks, who also works extensively in providing energy solutions to MaxYield clients.

Meyer appreciates MaxYield’s many training opportunities to help team members become better solutions providers. She has taken everything from computer classes to a crucial conversations class, which helps team members learn how to foster productive, open dialogue when conflict arises. “It’s important to treat each person as an individual so we can work more effectively together,” Meyer said.

Technology makes this easier. Meyer appreciates the Energy-Force™ software system, which streamlines MaxYield’s fuel delivering routing system. These opportunities energize Meyer about her work. “I want to excel in my new role. I’m learning as much as I can, and I’m so excited to be here.”

Editor’s note: Meyer enjoys spending time with her 10-year-old son, camping, attending auto races and tractor pulls, being outdoors and staying active.

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