February 27, 2021

Meet the candidates: Barry Anderson

MaxYield Cooperative’s annual meeting is coming soon, slated for November 28th at 10:30 p.m. The meeting will take place at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Algona, IA.

Members will soon receive in the mail the official annual meeting packet, including the ballot to determine director elections.

We invite you to learn more about the candidates seeking election to the MaxYield board of directors. Today, we introduce you to Barry Anderson:


Barry AndersonBarry Anderson and his wife Dana have lived and farmed northwest of Gillette Grove since 1996. They have three children, daughters Megan, Taylor and son Christopher. Their farming operation consists of row crop corn and soybean production plus a feeder-to-finish swine operation and they also maintain a 30-head cow-calf herd. Anderson is a graduate of South Clay High School.

He double majored in agri-business and history at Buena Vista University in Storm Lake. Before returning to the farm, he worked in Tennessee for Norwest Financial and later at Associates Financial as a loan officer.

Anderson is seeking election to the MaxYield board of directors because he has always had an interest in serving and finds the challenge of helping lead the cooperative intriguing. His father Wendell served the Dickens cooperative as a board member for many years and he wants to see MaxYield continue to be successful.

He says he does most of his business at MaxYield and has watched the company grow the last few years and wants to see the success of the company continue.

Anderson feels that it is important to have a cooperative presence in agri-business. Cooperative’s help provide diversity, spread risk and build a partnership between ag industry and farmers. He feels that farmers having a voice in how local ag business is conducted are still important.

The ag industry has changed rapidly in the last 15 years in all areas of crop production. Anderson leans heavily on MaxYield’s agronomy team and has seen firsthand the value of the services they provide. He also recognizes that acquiring and keeping young, talented employees is important.

He appreciates MaxYield’s investment in its facilities and if elected, he will take a look at the big picture of the cooperative and help weigh choices how to further invest in the company as a whole. Anderson also feels the cooperative should continue to provide services that attract new clients and help retain current ones. Safety should also continue to be a focus at MaxYield.

Anderson greatly looks forward to the challenge of serving the membership of MaxYield Cooperative. He enjoys serving on boards and providing leadership. He feels he has learned a great deal from serving the Farm Bureau and Pork Producers.

Anderson has served Farm Bureau for about 15 years at the county level and has served on state committees for the organization. He also served on the South Clay school board for 13 years. He is a past Clay County Pork Producers president, coached numerous youth sports teams and served on the First Christian Church board in Spencer for 12 years. This summer, Anderson and his family helped conduct Vacation Bible School at their church.

He is big sports fan and enjoys spending time with family and attending kids’ activities. He and his family also enjoy traveling to Tennessee to visit family.

Barry Anderson is a candidate seeking election to the MaxYield Cooperative board of directors for the West Region (west of Hwy 4). He is running against candidate Dave Schwaller.

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