February 26, 2021

Meet the candidates: Howard Haas

MaxYield Cooperative’s annual meeting is coming soon, slated for November 28th at 10:30 p.m. The meeting will take place at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Algona, IA.

Members will soon receive in the  mail the official annual meeting packet, including the ballot to determine director elections.

We invite you to learn more about the candidates seeking election to the MaxYield board of directors. Today, we introduce you to Howard Haas:

Howard Haas

Howard Haas, Algona, is seeking reelection to the MaxYield Cooperative board.

Howard and his wife Sue live in Algona and have three grown children. A 1978 graduate of Algona High School, he has farmed for 30 years west of Algona. His farming operation consists of a corn and soybean row crop rotation. He also grows seed corn for Pioneer in Algona.

He is seeking reelection to the MaxYield Cooperative Board of Directors because he enjoys serving the cooperative, meeting new people and the working with agricultural industry leaders. He also enjoys the challenge of being Board President and looks forward to the opportunity to continue the direction of the company forward if reelected.

Howard feels one of MaxYield’s biggest challenges moving forward will be serving the diversity of producers within the co-op’s territory. Producer needs vary across the territory, he says, and what’s important for service in one area, may be different in another.

Howard feels that MaxYield Cooperative should continue to explore both internal and external growth opportunities in both traditional and non-traditional areas.

Another challenge that Howard looks forward to leading the cooperative through includes focusing on consistent earnings, as it takes steady, solid earnings to provide good equipment, and knowledgeable employees.  Consistent earnings will also help MaxYield reach its equity revolvement goals.

In addition to enjoying the challenge of leading MaxYield, Howard says he cares about member and client interests in the cooperative and always responds to questions and concerns.

Howard is a member of the Trinity Lutheran Church in Algona. He has been on the MaxYield Cooperative Board of Directors for 15 years, serving as Secretary for five years, Board Vice President for two years and serving as Board President for the last seven years.  Howard enjoys spending his free time with his family.


Howard is a MaxYield Board of Director Candidate for the Central Region, representing the membership between Hwy 17 and Hwy 4. He is running unopposed.


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