November 30, 2020

Meet the candidates: Ron Rouse

MaxYield Cooperative’s annual meeting is coming soon, slated for November 28th at 10:30 p.m. The meeting will take place at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Algona, IA.

 Members will soon receive in the mail the official annual meeting packet, including the ballot to determine director elections.

 We invite you to learn more about the candidates seeking election to the MaxYield board of directors. Today, we introduce you to Ron Rouse:

Ron RouseRon and his wife Sue live and farm in the Curlew/Ayrshire area. They have three children. Their oldest daughter Rachel lives in Treynor with her husband, Nigel. Their son Jake, lives in Indianola with his wife, Chelsea, and their youngest daughter Chelsey, will be a sophomore at Iowa State University this fall.

Ron is a graduate of Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas, completing the Ranch Management Program before returning home to farm in 1981. His farming operation consists of corn and soybean row crop along with a beef cattle feed yard and a cow-calf herd.

Ron is seeking reelection to the MaxYield Cooperative Board of Directors because he feels that it is a good learning experience and has provided networking opportunities for him. He believes it is a duty everyone should do, to serve on a board where big decisions are made. He says that with changes in ag, it is an exciting opportunity to provide strong leadership for the cooperative.

As a director, Ron hopes to continue to guide MaxYield towards remaining competitive locally in grain and helping to find the co-op’s fit with more competition for grain bushels. He believes a co-op needs good employees to be successful and competitive. MaxYield is very service oriented and by continuing to serve on the board, he would like to continue this.

He also likes the challenge of finding methods for MaxYield to become more efficient and to seek areas of improvement. Ron would like to see the emphasis of improved client relationships continue. Ron also believes MaxYield has very competent personnel and excellent leadership.

Moving forward he thinks that MaxYield should focus on continued improvement to the bottom line and to the company’s financial position. Ron believes the company is financially stable, which allows them to work well with farmers, and gain their trust.

Ron looks forward to the opportunity to serve on the MaxYield Cooperative Board of Directors. He enjoys working with the directors and enjoys the challenge of leading MaxYield. Ron also says, the board all works well together, and each member is concerned about MaxYield long-term.

He is a member of the Iowa Corn and Soybean Association and the National Cattleman’s Beef Association. Ron is also a member and past Board President of the Palo Alto County Cattleman. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with family and friends.

Ron Rouse is a MaxYield Board of Director Candidate for the West Region, representing the membership west of Hwy 4. He is running unopposed.


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