December 4, 2020

Finding Opportunity in Her Own Backyard: Megan Brown’s MaxYield Experience

Even though Megan Brown, a 2017 Bishop-Garrigan graduate and current student at South Dakota State University, grew up with MaxYield Cooperative in her backyard, she never planned on interning at the co-op. But when the current Jackrabbit saw the MaxYield booth at SDSU’s career fair, she decided to learn a little more about what the company offered. “I knew growing up [near West Bend] that [MaxYield] had interns, but I didn’t really look into it until I saw Chad [Meyer, Client Relations and Communications Director,] at the job fair.”

As a student majoring in agricultural business and minoring in accounting and agricultural marketing, with experience on SDSU’s National Agri-Marketing Association’s (NAMA) competition team, Megan knew the Corporate Grain Accounting internship was just the fit for her. “I decided to intern with MaxYield because it was close to home, but I also have a lot of opportunities to learn about future careers and how my major fits into the cooperative world.”

Getting to experience her position both in the corporate office and out at cooperative locations has been a favorite part of Megan’s experience. “One of my favorite parts [of the internship] is definitely going out to see locations- I get to see how what I’m doing in the office with contracts and settlements starts, not just the paperwork side. But, I also really enjoy doing the contacts and settlements and all the paperwork that comes with it!”

Megan has a large group of mentors, including Rick Abrahamson & Kayla Meyer (Corporate Grain Accounting), Cory Thilges (Controller), and Susan Post (CFO). She has gained a great deal of knowledge through her mentors, who make an extra effort to make sure she understands the work she is doing. “They always sit down and explain what I’m doing before I start. My mentors are friendly and are genuinely curious about my life. They want to get to know me as a person- I’m not just ‘some employee they have to work with’.”

This friendliness, which Megan has found throughout the entire cooperative, has come as a pleasant surprise. “I didn’t expect them to be mean or anything, but everyone is friendly. People just come up to me and ask ‘Oh hey, Megan, how’s your day going?’ Everyone is really here to be your friend.”

To Megan, the best way to describe this summer has been ‘Eye-Opening.’ “Growing up [on a farm,] I experienced the farmer-side of working with a co-op. Now I’ve been able to see when my dad brings in grain, what happens with that grain in the elevator and everything that has to do with farming from the cooperative’s perspective.”

Megan isn’t quite sure what the road after college graduation will look like. She does know, however, that her summer at MaxYield is giving her a taste of the life she may want after she walks across the stage. “I want to be in a smaller town where I can see that the work I’m doing matters… and be able to work in the ag industry, whether that’s working at a bank in lending or working at a cooperative.”

All in all, Megan is grateful for the experiences she’s gained this summer and is excited to see how her time at MaxYield propels her into her next adventure. “If you have the opportunity and the interest in being an intern at MaxYield, definitely take it. You learn a lot and you also get to experience the company culture as a whole. Their brand is something MaxYield really prides themselves in and you can see that from just being in the office or out in the field with the team. They are really passionate about everything they’re doing and they inspire you to want to be a part of that.”

For more information on MaxYield’s internship program, including communications, grain accounting/finance, soil sampling/crop scouting, and agronomy sales, check out Applications for 2020 internship positions will be posted later this summer!

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