November 27, 2020

Money Made Easy

Want one less thing to worry about? It’s easy when you sign up to have checks from MaxYield Cooperative deposited directly in your bank account and payments to MaxYield automatically withdrawn from your account.

Through this automated clearing house (ACH) payment system, grain checks are electronically deposited in your account. You’ll save time and hassle when you don’t have to wait for a paper check to arrive in the mail and then take it to the bank.

Through ACH, you can also have your payments to MaxYield automatically deducted from your bank account. Payment on the account typically occurs after the 20th of each month, since our statement’s balance is due on the 20th. While we don’t offer an online bill payment system, this ACH payment system is a convenient option if you’d rather not write a check for your accounts payable to MaxYield.

It’s simple to get started
It’s easy to sign up for the electronic direct deposit option, the automatic payment deduction, or both. MaxYield has a separate form to fill out for the grain payment direct deposit and the authorization of payment. Complete both forms if you want to use both services. Both forms require a voided check from your bank account.

Today’s technology can help you manage your business more efficiently, and we’re ready to help. For more details, contact your nearest MaxYield location. You can also call Cory Thilges, MaxYield’s controller, or Doug Miller, credit manager, at the West Bend corporate office at 800-383-0003.


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