November 30, 2020

More Bins, Faster Service: Expansion Projects Take Shape at Mallard, Fostoria



How much is your time worth at harvest? We know every minute counts and were touched by a gesture of thanks during last fall’s harvest.

“A client left some envelopes of $20 bills at one of our locations, along with an unsigned note thanking our team members,” said Harry Bormann, MaxYield’s grain team leader. “The note basically said, ‘I know I’m not your biggest client, and I know I was a little grumpy at harvest. While this money isn’t a lot, I wanted to thank all of you who helped me.’”

A story like this reminds us that we have the opportunity to make your harvest experience more efficient and pleasant, from extended hours to personalized client service. It’s also why we’re continuing to upgrade MaxYield Cooperative’s grain facilities to serve you better. Our big projects include:

• Phase two at Mallard. We’re undertaking the second phase of a four-phase grain project at Mallard. Phase one began in the winter of 2013-2014, when we began building a 720,000-bushel bin that was completed by the 2014 harvest. “This new receiving site has been a great investment for MaxYield,” Bormann said. In 2014-2015, MaxYield has added a second 720,000-bushel bin that will be put into service this fall. “This allowed us to phase out some outdated storage and eliminate some outdoor storage,” Bormann said. “We think phase two will position us well for a few years before we focus on phase three.”



• New bin at Fostoria. As MaxYield’s business has continued to expand at Fostoria, so has the location’s grain complex. New bins were added in 2007 and 2011, followed by a new 720,000-bushel bin in 2015 that will be put into service later this year. “We made these investments based on the business growth at Fostoria, the bushels we were transferring out of Fostoria at harvest, and the amount of grain we were piling on the ground,” Bormann said. “The new bin will allow us to continue providing excellent client service.” In addition, MaxYield’s board has approved plans to sell up to 375,000 bushels of the new bin’s 720,000-bushel capacity as condo storage. By early July, MaxYield had sold more than 95,000 bushels of condo storage, Bormann said. Because of the strong yield prospects for the 2015 crop, several clients have asked to purchase condo storage. For this reason, we will re-open our condo storage offering until Sept. 30, 2015, or until we sell the remaining units. Give us a call at 800-383-0003 for more details and to request a prospectus.

MaxYield will also continue to look for more ways to improve its facilities and meet clients’ grain needs throughout the cooperative, Bormann said. “We’re gearing up our facilities to help you harvest quickly and serve you efficiently.”

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