February 25, 2021

Movin’ on Up: Cody Ostendorf Advances to Agronomy Specialist

Cody OstendorfFrom his internship in 2010 to his new role in a newly created position at MaxYield Cooperative, Cody Ostendorf has come a long way in a short time, and that’s good news for MaxYield clients.

“From seed solutions to agronomy answers, we’ll provide the expertise and products to help clients in this area maximize their yield potential,” said Ostendorf, who was recently named MaxYield’s new agronomy specialist at the Belmond location. “Service and solutions will be a priority.”

When Ostendorf joined MaxYield full time in 2011, he was based in Meservey and worked closely with John Kaduce, a MaxYield agronomy specialist. He also worked with Greg Sweeney, MaxYield’s seed team leader, and Mike Zweck, who handles outside operations at MaxYield’s Garner location. His time spent at the seed warehouse, where he handled many seed treatment jobs, was invaluable.

“I needed to understand MaxYield’s operations better so I can help our clients get the solutions they need,” said Ostendorf, who is excited to help grow MaxYield’s business in the Belmond area and East Region. “The new fertilizer complex at Belmond will allow us to provide full agronomy services at Belmond, so we’re not just a grain location.”

These new services include total solutions from MaxYield Seed that will help the area’s progressive growers maximize variable-rate planting and other technologies. This will also enhance SciMax Solutions, which continues to grow in MaxYield’s East Region, Ostendorf said.

“There’s a lot of excitement among growers about the new fertilizer facility in Belmond, and I view it as a great opportunity for us to provide better, faster service.”

Editor’s note: Cody grew up on a farm near Meservey and earned his degree in agricultural business with a minor in agronomy from Iowa State University. Cody and his wife, Suni, live south of Belmond. Suni works part-time for MaxYield Cooperative at Meservey and Belmond, where she runs the scale, handles billing, and assists the SciMax Solutions team.

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