November 24, 2020

My Badge of Honor

By Tom Winkel, MaxYield Safety Coordinator

I was at a meeting in Clear Lake the other day at noon and one of the GEAPS (The Grain Elevator and Proceessing Society) folks asked the waiter if he recognized me (because he’s always kidding around), and the waiter replied “No…but I recognize the shirt”.  I then asked where he was from thinking maybe Garner, and he said Hanlontown (north of Clear lake).  Wow, that’s “Branding Recognition 101”!

That reminds me of the time I ate at a place in Goldfield a few years back and after eating realized I had forgotten my wallet that day.  I told the person of my dilemma and they said “No problem, drop off the money when you’re in the area the next time”.

I said… “And you trust me?”  She replied… “You’re wearing your badge of honor on your shirt”, referring to my MaxYield uniform shirt.  I guess people really DO pay attention and it reminds me that trying to do things right…pays off.


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