February 25, 2021

My Internship Experience – Kelsi Pringnitz

By: Kelsi Pringnitz, Client Relations/Communications Intern

Walking through the Ag/Bio career fair at South Dakota State University was one of the best things I did during my first year because it landed me an internship with MaxYield Cooperative. Being so far from my hometown of Garner, IA  it was a ray of sunshine to see a familiar logo all the way in South Dakota.

I talked with Diane Streit and Chad Meyer, who are now my mentors. I introduced myself as Kelsi Pringnitz, an Agriculture Communications and Leadership Major, and got the “ball rolling” from there.
I was offered the Client Relations/Communications internship with the company and am stationed in West Bend, IA all summer.

For those of you who are not familiar with MaxYield, the company has several locations all throughout Northern Iowa. I happen to be located at the corporate office, but the four other interns do much more traveling throughout the trade territory.

I wanted an internship as a freshman to be competitive in the future. Attending the career fair that day at SDSU was not planned but the outcome seemed to be in my favor. I do not know many who have had an internship after only one year of college but I can say I have very fortunate this summer.

In the future I want to do a job similarly related to this intern and I feel this experience at MaxYield will help get me that much closer to my dream job.

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