February 25, 2021

My MaxYield Experience: Blake Wilson

Blake COMP

Meet Blake Wilson, SciMax Solutions Summer Part Time Help

Why did you decide to pursue agriculture as a career path?
I choose to pursue agriculture, because I grew up around it, helping on my grandpa’s farm, and I also enjoy working outdoors.



What are your career goals after graduation?
I chose to pursue agriculture because I grew up around it, helping on my grandpa’s farm. I enjoyed learning from him and I like working outdoors. When it came time to choose a career I decided agriculture would be the right fit for me.


How did you hear about the MaxYield SciMax Solutions part-time position?
I have always been familiar with MaxYield Cooperative and when a part-time position opened I heard about it through a family member employed by MaxYield. I was excited to have an opportunity with the company.


What is your role with SciMax Solutions?
Though SciMax, I am currently soil sampling, with their Grid Soil Sampling program. After I finish soil sampling, I will be assisting the East Area of MaxYield wherever I am needed.


What are you most looking forward to this summer?
During the summer I hope to learn more about the company, work with many people, and continue learning more about agriculture. I am excited to see what the summer has in store for me.


What are you hoping to learn as the summer progresses?
During my soil sampling experience I hope to learn about the different types or soil and their variability.


How have you been able to learn from your mentors Rachel Norby and Peter Bixel?
Peter and Rachel have helped me become confident in my work, and have helped increase my speed and efficiency at soil sampling. They have also helped me strive for the excellence that the SciMax Solutions brand is known for.


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