February 26, 2021

My MaxYield Experience: Sydney Kalkman

Sydney COMP

Meet Sydney Kalkman, MaxYield’s Summer Part Time Office Assistant


Why did you decide to pursue dental hygiene as a career path?
I have always enjoyed smiling, and I want to help others have a confident smile.


What is your role with MaxYield?
At MaxYield I am an office assistant for West Bend and Whittemore. I work on purchase orders, answer phone calls and help run the scale at location offices.
What are your career goals after graduation?
After college I want to work in a dentist office and work as a dental hygienist.


What have you learned through your experience so far?
I have learned many technologies, such as running the scale and how to manage many excel programs. I have also learned more about agriculture. I didn’t grow up on a farm, so learning more about the farming industry is very interesting. I also enjoy learning more about the importance of having strong relationships with MaxYield’s clients.


What are you most looking forward to this summer?
Throughout the summer, I am looking forward to getting office experience, interaction with clients and getting to know new people throughout the company.
What is it like working a part of the MaxYield Team?
Working at MaxYield has been an amazing experience. I really enjoy working with the other team members and clients.


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