November 23, 2020

My MaxYield Internship: Amber Wolter

Amber CropMeet Amber Wolter – MaxYield’s Crop Scout Intern

 What is your role at MaxYield and what are your responsibilities? As the crop scout intern I have had many different responsibilities including helping make herbicide plans for clients and checking for weeds, diseases, and moisture levels in fields. Later on I will begin giving recommendations to clients.

 What are some of the new things you have learned so far? I have learned a lot about elevator operations, mapping software, and about herbicide and pesticide products. I also had the opportunity to attend a DEKALB seed meeting where I learned about the significance of agribusiness working with one another.

 What is it like working out in the field with clients?  I haven’t been able to work out in the field yet due to the inclement weather, but I really enjoy working with people and I look forward to finding solutions to problems in the field and learning what programs are used for diagnostics.

If you could describe your internship in one word what would it be and why? I would describe my internship experience as “unique” because of the off year of the planting season and because MaxYield has an intern program that stands out against others. MaxYield interns are treated like full time team members and have a great environment to gain hands on experience.

 How have your college studies helped you prepare for your internship? At college I was taught about the technical components of agronomy but I wasn’t really prepared for learning about the products, seed varieties, and hybrids that are dealt with on a day to day basis. I am glad that through my internship I will be able to get firsthand experience with these products.

What do you hope to gain from your MaxYield experience? I hope to gain more hands on knowledge and to apply the knowledge that I have already learned through previous experiences and school. I also hope to get a better feel for the career field that I want to be in after I gradate.

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