March 2, 2021

My MaxYield Internship: Amber Wolter

                                                          Internship Update

What are some of tDSC_0390he latest projects you have been working on? As the crop scout intern I have been working on a test plot with Janie Imming and becoming familiar with the MaxYield territory. I have also been developing relationships with some of MaxYield’s clients.

 How has interning at MaxYield impacted your decision to pursue a career in agriculture? Interning at MaxYield has positively impacted my decision to pursue an agricultural career. I have realized that I would like to work at a local cooperative when I graduate college.

 What experiences have you had that have helped you to improve your employability skills? My MaxYield internship has allowed me to become oriented with the general do’s and don’ts in the working world. I have also had opportunities through the KCEDC program to further develop my skills.

 What is the most valuable lesson you have learned as a MaxYield intern? The most valuable lesson I have learned as an intern is to always ask questions. Someone will always be there to help because asking questions shows that you want to learn and further your knowledge.

 What are some opportunities you have had at MaxYield that you didn’t expect when first starting your internship? I was really surprised that I was able to be in direct contact with the farmers and I didn’t realize that I would be recognized as an agronomist on the same level as other agronomists. I also didn’t realize that I would have so many great networking opportunities.

 What do you look forward to each day you play your role as the crop scout intern? Each day I look forward to learning something new whether it be out in the field gaining more hands-on experience or learning about another aspect of the agricultural world.


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